Got Termites?

Everyone in Orange County has a secret; termites.  There is no way to avoid termites completely but you can protect your home and control termites.  If you are buying a home, this is a great time to take protective measures to ensure there are no termites eating away your new home before you move in.   If you are selling a home, give your buyers peace of mind knowing that you have protected their new home with termite treatments from BugOut.

Termites work non-stop, 24 hours a day eating the wood that holds your house together.  Every 15 seconds they lay a new egg and if you don’t act in time, termites can destroy an entire home in just two or three years.  If you haven’t treated your house in the last two or three years, call the professionals at BugOut today to schedule an inspection and take control of the termites dining on your home.  BugOut offers several solutions to keep your home termite free.  

Professional termite inspections should be part of your annual home maintenance program much like changing your homes’ air filters and smoke alarm batteries.  The termite control professionals at BugOut will work with you to design a solution that stops termites in their tracks so you can rest peacefully knowing that the walls of your home are strong and sound. 

If you want to enjoy Termite and Pest Free Living in your home – Call Today – 800-983-7648

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