Real Estate

BugOut is Realtor Friendly

For the Real Estate Agent: BugOut has over 25 years experience working with realtors in Orange County. We know that you need to help your client with timely, efficient and cost effective termite solutions. As a Realtor you need to focus on your transaction not your termite inspection and repairs. You also don’t want repairs slowing your escrow and at BugOut we get it. With both a General Contractors and Termite license we are uniquely positioned to provide an end to end solution. BugOut can provide you with a thorough termite inspection and perform any and all work required to help you close your escrow quickly and painlessly.

For the Seller: BugOut gives you an edge when selling your property. Let our professionals come in and certify your house as termite free, giving your potential buyers one less thing to worry about. With BugOut you’ll have one less obstacle to slow down or ruin your deal. When you want to sell, be prepared with a termite inspection certified by BugOut.

For the Buyer: When you buy a home, the last thing you want is termite and pest problems. Before you move in, have the professionals at BugOut show you how we keep your new home pest free with our BugOut All Pest Defense program. Call BugOut before you move in , so you can be assured of bug free living in your new home.

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