It’s #whatisitwednesday! Did you succes

It’s #whatisitwednesday! Did you successfully #guessthatbug?!

This is a Tabanus trimaculatus, one of the many species of horse flies. These nasty flies range in size and markings, but all have the same reproductive and feeding habits. Horse flies reproduce near to large bodies of water, so if you’re in a dry area consider yourself lucky, you probably won’t see too many of these 😉 Daily meals consist of pollen and nectar, but female horse flies need to feed on blood in order to reproduce. This leads them to wander around and bite any mammalians they can find, including livestock, small pets, and even humans. They will leave painful, large bites if successful.

The fly in this picture is a female, which you can tell by the space between its eyes. Males lack this space, instead having two eyes very close together. #themoreyouknow

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