Don’t let Bees get the Best of You!

Bee Swarm HomeDealing with a bee infestation is a long and complicated process.  First the infestation must be dealt with, then the hive removed, and finally future bees excluded.  To avoid further bee related complications, all three steps are vital to the removal process.  Fortunately,  BugOut covers every step with just one Click!  We’ll take charge this swarming season and eliminate the bees so you can get back to enjoying your spring, summer and your life at home.  1 Click, 1 Call, 1 Company does it all!

BugOut has been working in Southern California for 25 years so we know bees can be challenging as the weather warms up.  Starting in spring, they swarm from their old hives in clouds of 5,000 to 20,000 worker bees searching for a new colony site.  They may make a stop or two along the way, but once they find a suitable location, like your wall voids, they’ll get to work constructing a new hive or rebuilding a dormant old hive, releasing chemical signals to guide other bees home – to your home!

The sooner you address the challenge, the easier the hive-cleanup will be.  BugOut is a one-stop shop, making your choice easy.  Beyond the danger of the bees themselves, most of the damage from hive construction lies in the remaining dead bees and their hive.  Dead bees rot, giving off a foul liquid that can seep into and damage your walls.  Honey left in the hive ferments over time, bursting from the hive-cells which can also damage your home.

And don’t forget exclusion!  The dead bees, the hive, and the chemical signals left behind act as a homing signal for future bee swarms. It’s an important step to remove the existing hive to eliminate repeated bee invasions.  Contact BugOut today and make worrying about bees a thing of the past.

1 Click! 1 Call! 1 Company Does It All! BugOut – Your Pest Control Concierge!  It’s That Simple!

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