Brace Yourselves, Termites are Coming

Alistaire Anteater
Alistaire Anteater

Summer is coming and that means termites are gearing up for the swarming season.  Unless you’re like Alistaire Anteater, that means big trouble for you and your home.  Don’t worry, BugOut is here to make sure the warm weather is only pleasant this summer.  With a general contractor as our partner, BugOut offers a one-stop shop for all your termite related needs.  Click, Call, Closed.

Termites can consume wood year-round in Southern California, but when temperatures climb about 70 degrees, termites feed quicker and swarmers prepare to search for new nesting sites.  These conditions create a multitude of new infestations every year.

Despite the extensive damage termites cause each year, over $5 billion according to the National Pest Management Association, infestations can go on unnoticed until significant damage has been done.

Subterranean Termites invade from the soil, leaving small mud tubes around the foundation of your home.  Drywood Termites may leave sawdust-like droppings around doors, windows and in the attic, but the true scope of the infestation will escape the untrained eye.

That’s why you should take step 1 and contact BugOut today.  No infestation, however subtle, will escape the eyes of our trained professional and experienced staff.  One click is all it takes to eliminate termites in your home.

BugOut has serviced Orange Country for over 25 years. We know too well that once it gets warm, it will stay that way uninterrupted until September or even as late as October.

Not only are these optimal conditions for swarming, they ensure newly established colonies will be active and lively, growing and feeding on your property.  The coming warmth of spring and summer make ignoring this very real threat a reckless choice.  Thanks to BugOut, you don’t have to make that choice.  Give us a call and we’ll protect your home this coming termite season and for years to come as well.  BugOut, your Termite Concierge!

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