Every Realtor Needs a Termite Concierge


A Termite Concierge What a concept!
A Termite Concierge What a concept!

Experience the Three C’s: Click. Call. Close. It’s that Simple!
From Inspection to Certification BugOut has you covered!  Every Realtor needs a termite concierge.  At BugOut we have a simple system –The Three C’s. Click. Call. Close.It’s that simple.

  • Step #1 – Click the link www.getthebugout.com to request a termite escrow inspection.
  • Step #2 – BugOut will call to set your appointment time.
  • Step #3 – Your escrow is closed on time with certification hassle free.
Trying to close an escrow is hard enough.  The last thing a Realtor wants to deal with is a Termite Certification that just keeps dragging on.  Termites are a reality in the Southern California Marketplace, but don’t let termites slow your escrow process down.

BugOut has been servicing the Southern California Real Estate Market for over 25 years.  We know termites and we know real estate.  That’s why BugOut is your Termite Concierge.  We’ll handle the whole termite process for you from start to finish.  From termite inspection, to treatment and repairs, to certification, BugOut keeps your escrow running smoothly.  Our three step system keeps it simple.

On average, Homeowners live in their homes for 2-5 years before moving and many people won’t have their home inspected for termites during that time. That means there could be a surprise waiting for them when it comes time to sell their home.  Termite infestation!

As a realtor, you know, termite infestations and damage can slow your escrow process down.  Naturally, having a termite inspection and treatment before a home hits the market can save a homeowner a great deal of stress and money at closing. Unfortunately, not many homeowners realize the benefits of annual termite inspections until it’s too late.  Termite infestations and damage become the realtor’s nightmare during the escrow process.

BugOut is just the company for the job.  We inspect the property and quickly treat infestations.  Unlike other termite companies, we have a sister company with a general contractor license that can perform any needed repairs for termite damage.  Finally, we can certify the property termite-free so you can move on with the closing process.

Call BugOut today and we can give you that edge. One Click, one call, one more property closed!  One company gets it done for you. BugOut meets all your termite needs hassle-free.  A Termite Concierge, what a concept!

Take the first step, click on our link www.getthebugout.com and request your free escrow inspection today!

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