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Most Americans construct their homes with wooden frames. Wood is warm and cozy, making it a preferred choice in Orange County, which has some of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods in the US, and in Irvine, a model and modern community. Wood also offers a myriad benefits such as easy renovation, lower energy bills, and safety during earthquakes; this trend won’t go away anytime soon.

However, if there’s one thing that can challenge the superiority of wood, it’s a swarm of termites. No home is safe from these wood-munching critters. The good news is you can eliminate and totally eradicate them if detected early enough. Orange County pest control companies suggest homeowners know the four common termite species so that they can call for pest control as soon as they see any of them. Otherwise, these termites will make one big sumptuous buffet out of your house.

Subterranean termites

These are the typical termites that rely on moisture to help build passages from their colony to a critical section of the house. They can grow up to an eighth of an inch in length and, like most termites, are active in places with a warm climate. Alaska is the only safe place in the country from these termite species. Our Southern California Cities and mild climates make a great home for subterranean termites.

Drywood termites

Some species such as the drywood termite can survive for days without moisture; they live in the soil where it’s cool. This termite feeds on dry wood where it gets its needed moisture and energy to sustain its bodily functions. They can grow up to a quarter of an inch long and can also be found in warmer places but are also known to survive in the brutal cold.

Dampwood termites

Commonly found in states along the Pacific Ocean, dampwood termites feed on wood with high moisture content. Irvine termite control companies like BugOut suggest for homeowners to immediately repair leaks which can create a moist environment perfect for dampwood termites. Unlike most species, these termites usually infest only moist wood, not buildings.
Termites Eating Your Home?

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  1. This is a great website as it lays out the information on some of the most common types of termites. It is important to at least know this much about them. I live in Utah where most people are oblivious to them…until it is too late. If you live in Utah, get a free inspection here. –> utah termite inspection

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