Your Home Is Just Another Tree!

What’s the difference between a tree and a 2×4?  To the termite, there is no difference at all.  While a termite is wonderful for the life cycle of the forrest, they mean total destruction to your home.  Out of sight; out of mind can create a nightmare for homeowners when it comes to termites.  Most homeowners don’t even think about termites until they see evidence or they are about to sell their home.  Termites work behind the scenes in your home.  Chances are that by the time you see evidence of their handy work, they have already caused significant damage to your home.  To a homeowner who is selling their home, there is nothing worse than finding out from a termite inspection that your treasured asset has significant termite infestation and damage that can significantly effect the sale of your property.  A termite escrow inspection is required for all home sales in the state of California and many other states.  BugOut performs thorough escrow termite inspections for the entire Southern California real estate market.  We offer realtors the convenience providing termite treatments and termite damage repair work.  Termite control should be an integral part of your home maintenance plan.  With proper maintenance you can control the effects of termites to your home.  The preceding video is provided by the LSUagcenter.

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