Have You Walked Your Anteater Today?

It’s Termite season in Southern California!  Most people aren’t Salvidor Dali and don’t have a pet anteater.  If that’s the case why not call BugOut for all your Termite needs.  We’re just as effective and much friendlier!  ” Termites are highly social critters, and their social structure consists of three main groups: the reproductive, the worker, and the soldier castes. The defenses of the soldier castes in termites and ants vary from entirely chemically based, in which they secrete toxic or repellent chemicals, to the fully mechanical, in which they use their mandibles” to methodically eat away at your most prized asset – Your home.  http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/thoughtful-animal/2012/06/28/how-anteaters-decide-what-to-eat/  Learn more about Anteaters and Termites at scientificamerican.com.

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