Bixby’s Bug of the Month Topic for May: Warm Weather and Insect Behavior

Termites and Warm Weather:

Does Warm weather  affect termite behavior?  The answer is an infatic YES!  The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) warns that as temperatures increase so does the potential for Termite Swarming.  The warming sun and longer days create ideal conditions for termite swarms.  Termites generally slow down as temperatures drop below 50 degree (F).  Conversely, temperatures above 70 degrees (F) coupled with high relative humidity create optimal termite swarming conditions.  Once termites infest a home, these aggressive wood destroying predators can quickly chew through floors, walls, and exposed wood areas of your home such as attics.  Southern California offers pleasant climate conditons for homeowners and termites alike.  A termite colony can number in the hundreds of thousands and has the ability to consume wood at an alarming rate.  Termite damage can threaten the structural integrity of a home.  NPMA estimates yearly termite damage to homes in the United States at over $5 billion.  The startling fact is that these tiny pests have the ability to go undetected until damage to your home becomes significantly noticeable.  The easiest and most efficient way to prevent termite damage to your home is to have annual termite inspections by a licensed professional pest control company.  If termite evidence is detected it is important to treat your home before costly damage occurs.  When the sun comes out so do the termites!  Contact the professionals at BugOut to schedule your termite inspection today.

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